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Tsvetnoy BAZAAR

Tsvetnoy BAZAAR is located in downtown Moscow, at "Tsvetnoy Central Market", occupying the 4th and the 5th floors of the building.


Tsvetnoy BAZAAR represents a unique concept: under one roof it unites everything that can be associated with food: restaurants, a café, food courts and a market. Guests can find here all kinds of food products and dishes upon their personal preferences and tastes.


Tsvetnoy BAZAAR offers high quality products from all continents, and their range becomes wider with every day. At the moment it unites "Quzu" and "Piazza Italia" restaurants, "Vermishel" café and a market with food courts.


The concept of the food market is also quite unique for contemporary Moscow. It combines best of the two worlds: Eastern and Western trading cultures, traditional bazaar and modern supermarket. At the bazaar everyone can try what he’s buying. Customers can talk to sellers and get the information about the products, just like in a traditional oriental market, and right after that they can pay for their goods with a plastic card and get all the necessary service, just like in the best supermarket.



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