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Caspian Engineering Company

Caspian Engineering Company (CEC) was established in 2009. Its major activity is engineering and technical support
for oil-and-gas and chemical projects.


Design packages review

Engineering supervision of construction and erection activities

Development of the technical and start-up documentation of the operations

Training of the operating personnel

Projects management




Oil refining – crude oil and gas condensate primary distillation units, catalytic reformers, hydro treating units, catalytic creaking units, isomerization units, road and construction bitumen production plants, etc.


Gas processing – complex gas treating units, cryogenic and absorptive units of propane-butane recovery, sulfur recovery units, etc.


Oil and gas fields construction – crude oil and gas treating and primary treating units, crude oil and gas condensate stabilization and demercaptanization, etc.


Chemical industry – ammonia, carbamide, caprolactam, methanol, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, argon, sebacic acid production plants


Transportation and storage - hydrocarbons’ and chemical products’ oil, gas and chemical terminals, liquid ammonia and liquefied hydrocarbons isothermal storages.



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